Participants who are included into the SEED-trial will be randomly assigned to 1 of 2 interventions.

Traditional Vocational Rehabilitation (TVR)

The first group will be referred to a traditional vocational rehabilitation organization, where they will receive sheltered employment with follow-up from trained advisors and department supervisors. Traineeship in a Sheltered Business (APS) is an intervention currently offered by the NAV to clients who are considered to have need for special assistance to obtain work. The goal of APS is to improve the participant’s opportunities for entering the labor market of starting an education, and involves various businesses offering traineeships in a range of departments including canteens and catering, car repair, day-care services, upholstery and interior decoration, transport, laundry services, welding and warehouse handling. The approach follows a train-and-place principle, where participants are trained and prepared for the job market in a sheltered environment before attempting to start/resume competitive employment.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

The second group will be referred to Fretex Vest-Norge, where they will receive Supported Employment (SE) following the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model by trained “job specialists”. The intervention is based on the well-defined principles of IPS, aiming to help people with health problems or other challenges to participate in the competitive labor market, by working in jobs they prefer, with the professional help that they need. It is based on a place-and-train principle, involving individual placements in competitive employment without extended prevocational training. IPS does not screen people for work readiness, but provides help for all participants who say they want to work. It does not provide intermediate work experiences, transitional employment or sheltered workshops, but actively facilitates job acquisition and provides ongoing support once the client is employed.

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