Project Group

The project is located at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, in Bergen, Norway (previously Uni Research). The project group consists of 9 men and women with diverse backgrounds from various health sciences:

SiljeReme VigdisSveinsdottir TorillTveito SteinAtleLie AstridGrasdal
Silje E. Reme
(principal investigator)
Vigdis Sveinsdottir
(project coordinator)
Torill H. Tveito
(project group member)
Stein Atle Lie
Astrid L. Grasdal
(health economics)
GaryBond LineSolberg ThomasKnutzen CamillaLøvvik
Gary R. Bond
Line R. Solberg
(project group member)
Thomas Knutzen
Camilla S. Løvvik
(project group member)


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