Results from the SEED-trial are now published

The results from 1-year follow-up in the SEED-trial have now been published and are publicly available at the following link:

The paper, “Individual placement and support for young adults at risk of early work disability (the SEED trial). A randomized controlled trial”, concerns data collected using questionnaires at 6 and 12 months after enrollment. The results show that IPS was more effective than traditional vocational rehabilitation for the participants in the SEED-trial, who were young adults (aged 18-29) at risk of early work disability due to various social and/or health-related problems. While 48% of participants who were randomized to IPS attained competitive employment during follow-up, only 8% of participants in the control group attained competitive employment during the same period.

The study also showed promising results favoring IPS on several non-vocational outcomes.


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